Concertina Razor Wire

Razor Wire is available in two forms (Unclips and Concertina Form). In our Concertina Wire for sale, the coil diameter ranges from 300mm to 1200mm. Smaller diameters typically have three clips per loop, while larger diameters have 5-7 clips per loop. Any parameters can be customized according to the order!

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Concertina wire for sale is an ideal solution for those looking to enhance the security of their property. With its formidable appearance and sharp blades, it provides a strong deterrent against unauthorized entry. Available in various sizes and materials, concertina wire can be tailored to meet specific security needs, making it a versatile and reliable choice for a wide range of applications. Whether for residential, industrial, or military use, investing in high-quality concertina wire ensures long-lasting protection and peace of mind.

Concertina Razor barbed wire is a general term encompassing barbed wire, razor wire, or Razor wire. Barbed wire technically refers to traditional double-stranded barbed wire.

Razor wire, commonly known as Razor Wire, refers to barbed wire with blades.

Razor Wire comes in two forms, Unclips and Concertina Form. The coils' diameter for Concertina Form ranges from 300mm to 1200mm. Smaller diameters typically have three clips per loop, while larger diameters have 5-7 clips per loop. Custom forms are available upon request.

Concertina Razor wire, also known as barbed wire, technically denotes cross-coiled razor wire shaped like "Razor."

Concertina Razor steel wire is mostly made of hot-dip galvanized steel wire, with excellent corrosion resistance. PVC coating can also be used for traditional twisted barbed wire, according to requirements.

Accordion roll security barriers, installed on the walls or existing fences, create highly effective physical barriers that are tough to overcome. The key advantage of Concertina Razor razor wire is its ability to retain protective properties even after sustaining damage in a few places. Concertina Razor Wire fences are easy to install and remove, providing reusability. It's the most economical way to protect your property from external intrusions.

Best solutions for reinforcing fences and walls

Concertina Razor wire proves effective and secure for fortifying fences and walls.

Convoluted razor wire, made from durable galvanized barbed wire and high-strength clamps in large coils, is challenging to cut and provides a robust deterrent against intruders.

Accordion blade barbed wire coils, available in single or cross helix configurations, can be customized to meet specific security needs.

Concertina Razor wire mesh, easy to install with a clean appearance, is the preferred choice for those requiring enhanced security.

Concertina Razor Tape Wire for sale is available in five profiles

1. Short Blade

Short blade concertina razor wire is the original profile of razor wire barbed tape, developed for military applications. Although mostly replaced by medium blade, it is still preferred by some organizations.

2. Medium Blade

Concertina wire medium blade is an improvement on the short blade variety at cost-effective price level. It is used widely for commercial and industrial applications. Medium blade concertina wire had a much sharper edge.

3. Tear Blade

Tear blade is an hubrid of medium blade and long blade, more vicious than a medium blade and more economical than long blade.

4. Long Blade

Razor Wire long blade is vicious product. It is usually used for prison fencing. Extra long blade razors provide maximum frightening effect.

5. Fish Hook Blade

Razor Wire Fish-hook Blade is the metal in the middle that has gone through the most gyrations. All hooks have an eye to tie your line to, a sharp tip to pierce the fish’s mouth and a barb to hold it in place. Although there are a wide variety of innovations in point design, it’s the shank & the bend that have changed the most.

Concertina Razor Wire


1. Stainless Steel Sheet

2. Galvanized Steel Sheet


High-strength core wire, extremely difficult to cut

Reusable to prevent infringements

Easy to install

Durable and versatile

Application of Concertina Razor Wire


Factories & Industrial Sites

Military Installations

Government Buildings

Power Stations


Temporary Barriers

Police Stations


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